Terms and Conditions

Age Verification

Any model under the age of 18 will require a Parent/Guardian to attend the shoot and to agree with the shoot by signing on behalf of the model prior to any shooting.

If you appear/look under the age of 21 you will be asked for proof of your age to verify that you are over 18. Please bring suitable identification (passport, driving licence or photo id with date of birth on it).

It is illegal to photograph minors in adult themes. Therefore any adult theme will require age verification.


I have no problem with anyone brining a chaperone to a photo shoot. Any chaperone will be allowed to watch the shoot as long as you are happy with that, but they must remain silent and not interfere with the shoot or become distracting. If this happens they will be asked to leave.


Wedding and Event shoots will only be booked on receipt of a 10% deposit. Failure to notify me of cancellation 2 months prior to the event date will result in the deposit not being returned.


Payment is required before any shooting will begin.

Images will only be released on receipt of payment in full. If paying by cheque this includes the time for funds to be transferred.

Ordering Prints etc.

Once you have selected your prints and paid for them, please allow up to 2 weeks for processing and delivery. Delivery may be by post or in person depending on your location/preference. If you require registered delivery than this charge will be added to the cost of the prints.


Any additional cost incurred will be charged for and are governed by the same rules as payment (see above). Such additional costs may involve but are not limited to.
  • Mileage for shoots over 5 miles from my location.
  • Meals – for shoots over 3 ½ hours where no food is provided.
  • Hotel bills (to be agreed prior to the shoot) where distance/time become an important consideration.
  • Damage to equipment or clothing caused by actions beyond the control of the photographer.


Like anyone, I wish to work in a suitable and safe environment and if this is breached I will cancel the shoot retaining any payment to cover cost and wasted time.

By hiring me/using my services you agree to the above terms and conditions.