Portfolio Photography

Elms Photography – Freelance Portfolio Photographer helping to create all types of portfolio. Model, Actor, Musician portfolio’s undertaken in London, Essex and the south East

Model Portfolios, Actor Portfolios, Musician Portfolios.


Whether you have an established portfolio or are just starting out Elms photography can help you. With multiple styles as well as multiple genres catered for Elms Photography can help you get the images you require for a Portfolio you will be proud of.

What’s your style?

Taken in the comfort and security of your own home allowing you to change outfits as often as you like with no time pressures, pushy sales people, or other unwanted attention Elms Photography can provide for all your portrait needs. Taking portraits in your own home allows you to control the environment, pace and nature of the shoot. As you are not using a dedicated/commercial studio the cost of the shoot and cost of the resulting photographs will be much less than you would normally pay allowing you to use more of your available budget on the images you want and giving you the ability to have a greater number of images in lager formats.

Using a fully portable studio Elms photography can turn a space of just 8 x 6 feet into a fully functional photographic studio offering High-Key and Low Key photography. Where space is limited a Strobe kit can be used allowing studio style images to be produced. Or maybe you require something more natural or casual such you in your own environment or out on location such as a park or woods or a mixture of styles. You decide, it’s your portfolio. From Casual to Formal, Fashion to artistic or Modern and fresh to a timeless classic approach Elms Photography will deliver.


What’s you Genre?

From Fashion to Glamour, Formal to surreal, fresh and funky to seductive Elms Photography can help you add some great images to your existing portfolio our help you start from scratch.

Your images will be uploaded onto a hidden gallery where only you (and whoever you grant access to) will be able to view your images. From there you can choose the images you want presented how you wish such as in a standard photo album, a luxury photo album, as individual prints, canvases, mounted large size photographs for display, acrylic panels, coffee table books, a DVD movie of all the images set to the music of your choice or even just on a CD/DVD so you can arrange the printing yourself. The choice is yours. You decide and Elms Photography will be happy to give you the photos you choose in the style you want presented the way you want.


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